Practical Strategies
for the Startup Leader

hard learned lessons on running a startup

In 1995 I got the idea to start a company. I did not know anything about being a CEO. I filled out the paperwork and bought some cards.  Over the next 26 years I did almost everything wrong – at least once.  I said the wrong things, I hired the wrong people, and made the wrong decisions. With each passing failure, I learned.  Eventually, I got better. Then I invented a product, closed a $16M Series A, and exited a few years later with a big payday. 

I guess I am not such a loser after all. 

I wrote the Founder’s User Manual to share these lessons with other leaders. I believe anybody can be a leader. If you are willing to try, fail, and learn.  The Founder’s User Manual can help you through the painful, stressful, and lonely journey of becoming a leader.  

Inside the Founder’s User Manual there are no pretentious theories, convoluted case studies, or esoteric analogies, just practical, pragmatic advice on how to build, scale, and run a startup. 

Inside, you will learn: 

  • Supercharge your leadership with personal values.
  • Cultivate more leads, close more deals, and grow recurring revenue.
  • Navigate the ambiguous line between friendliness and professionalism with employees.
  • Recognize the risks of “faking it until you make it.”
  • Employ effective strategies to win over challenging customers.
  • Tactfully steer customers away from obsessing over contract details.
  • Hire, fire, and retain employees. 
  • Implement proactive measures to avoid lawsuits.
  • Capture and hold the attention of potential investors.
  • Foster engagement and productivity among remote team members.
  • Realize your product vision. 
  • Get paid, all the time, every time.

And a lot more.

The Founder’s User Manual has the answers you need to build and scale the startup you have always dreamed about.

Me acting like a CEO circa 1998
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