Startup Support

Thanks Andrew. You saved my bacon this week. I really appreciate you stepping in at the last moment. The policy docs look great. I will take you up on a follow up engagement on our cloud architecture strategy when the time is right.

-Founder, Startup Company

Managed Security Insights

Thank you for the quick turnaround on the (analysis) report. This is exactly what we needed. Real “in the trenches” view of security. 

-Managing Partner, Venture Capital Firm

Market Analysis

I was able to put Andrew’s work to immediate use in our firm. It provided the technical and market data we needed to make an informed decision and modify our investment thesis. Great work, Zenaciti.

-Founder, Startup Company

Employee Handbook

Thank you for your help with our employee manual. You and Toni contributed so much great content. I look forward to working with Zenaciti.

-Founder/CEO, Startup