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about zenaciti

great ideas come from anywhere

Working at a startup for 25 years teaches you a lot of lessons. One lesson we learned at Zenaciti was that great ideas are anywhere and everywhere.  Zenaciti is on a mission to build stronger, safer, and scalable companies. 

Let us help you bring your vision to market.  

We offer a range of technical due diligence and strategic advisory services to organizations worldwide.  Our clients include investors, startups, and cloud service providers in the USA and Europe.  Our results speak for themselves. 

The Zenaciti team

Andrew Plato, CEO

Andrew has over 25 years of experience as a founder, entrepreneur, CEO, analyst, security practitioner, author, and public speaker. Mr. Plato provides information security industry analysis, research, and technical due diligence reviews. For 25 years, Andrew was the Founder/CEO of Anitian, the oldest information security firm in the world.

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Toni Plato, COO

Toni Plato, Ed.D., COO. Dr. Plato has over 20 years of leadership experience developing people and organizations as VP of People, Director of HR and learning, program director, assistant professor, curriculum manager, and online instructor. Her expertise is in leadership development and organizational strategy for higher education, health care, and business.


why zenaciti?


Zenaciti provides plans you can use – now. Not contrived theories or dated methods.


We offer honest, unvarnished truth. It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be what you need to hear. 


Our team are founders who ran businesses for decades. We know what does and does not work.



Zenaciti is particularly skilled at crafting messages to customers, partners, or employees that precisely communicate your intent and objectives.


There are no openings at Zenaciti at this time. You may send us your resume at [email protected]