Startup Strategy

Outwit competitors and gain market traction with real-world insights

Strategy Services

  • Startup fundraising, pitch decks
  • Go-to-market messaging 
  • Partner development
  • Competitive research, positioning, and messaging
  • Product design, development, and messaging

The Zenaciti Difference


Zenaciti provides ideas you can use – now.  Not contrived theories or dated methods.


We deliver honest, unvarnished truth. It might not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear.

Back-Channel Network

Zenaciti maintains a network of IT operators, leaders, and industry insiders to provide real-world feedback and insights.


Zenaciti is particularly skilled at crafting targeted messages to customers, partners, or employees that precisely communicate your intent and objectives.

Examples of Zenaciti's Work


Strategic Plan

Cloud Startup

Zenaciti helped the CEO develop an annual strategic plan for communication to the team



Managed Security

Zenaciti designed a pitch deck and made introductions to investors.


Product Messaging

Security Services

Zenaciti provided feedback and research for security startup with an innovative services approach.


Partner Development

Security Reseller (VAR)

Zenaciti made introductions, provided help with pricing, and developed new messaging for startup security VAR.